Jesus said in Mark 6:31
"Come, let's take a break and find a secluded place where you can rest a while".

Why not consider Manoir Bagnell-Hall for your next retreat?

Our Features

Spiritual Freedom

The Manoir is the perfect place to gather and seek the Lord and let Him minister to you. You are free to pray, "praise and worship" and renew your mind in the Lord without restrictions.

Close to montreal

We are located only 50 minutes southwest of Montreal via the Mercier Bridge, 138 West & then the 201 South at Ormstown & on to Franklin.

Personal retreats

Tired? Stressed out? Need a break? .............. Why wait for a group retreat once a year?..... Come rejuvenate yourself as often as YOU need it. Enjoy all the pleasures of nature... walk...listen...explore...admire......................... Call for more information.

Conference Room / Dining room

Enjoy meeting in our spacious conference room. You may cook your meals in the adjoining kitchen or bring prepared foods.


Capacity 80 persons Contact us for a complete breakdown of the accommodations. Rooms are decorated with taste and elegance. All bedding is provided. Just bring towels and toiletries..

A place of excellence

For the past 30 years, we have been dedicated to providing a place of excellence to the Christian community. This retreat centre offers varied facilities which are constantly being expanded and upgraded to meet all your needs for comfort, relaxation and respite.